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Energy Project - Orgone Energy, Ancient Machines, Stone Cirlces of South Africa an ancient energy grid? Vimanas, Pyramids, The Unfinished Obelisk and Advanced Ancient Technology with pictures, Star Forts, Technology embeded in the Architecture of the last century, Telsa, Cathedrals and Free Energy of the Past, UFO Awareness, Fache in Architecture and as Plasma Generators, Wireless Electricity, Labyrints in Churches and Electrical Circuits,

Forgotten Knowledge - Anunnaki, Ancient History and Human Abilities Restoration , Extremly ancient history from unconventional sources, History of Anunnaki, Anunnaki sculptures at Metropolitam Museum of New York, Enki Enlil in the cuneiform writings, Atlantis, Summer Babylon, North and Souht America in History Quezoquatl and Calendars, Writing in Mesoamerica, Significant Books, Ancient Teachings and Knowledge, Benefits of activating the third eye, Ley Lines, Free Energy, Portals, Invisible Energies and Forces, Learning versus Powers, Science of Imagery.
Travel Destinations - Egypt, The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Valey of the Kings, Dendera Lights, Djed,Kemeth Science and spirituality, Nubian History, Virgin Mary in Egypt, The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt The Seven Universal Laws, The Book of Caverns, Star Gates and Tuthankamon Chair connection.


Valiant Thor Teachings The subjects of this course include information about the origin or Man, Lemuria, Mount Shasta, Inner Earth, Underground Civilizations, The Subteraneean Cities, Arcane Teachings, Ancient Masters, Teachings of the Five pointed star of Life, The Seven Bodies, Vril Force, Self Treatments, Cures of Ilnesses, Fasting and the Law of Rejuvenation, Self Protection Exercise
( Who is Valiant Thor?
This is the description of according to Amazon Author Section.
On March 16, 1957, a strange craft landed in a farmer’s field in Alexandria, Virginia. Local police arrived on the scene with guns drawn, expecting the worst. They were surprised to find what appeared to be a dapper, unarmed man stepping out of the craft. They were even more surprised when the man telepathically asked to speak with the President. Over the next few days, the visitor would meet with President Eisenhower deep within the Pentagon.

According to Valiant Thor, he was sent here by a galactic council to convince humanity to shy away from their use of nuclear weapons. Thor and his co-pilots Indrid Cold., Carlo Ardo, and Terry Wriste (Demo Hassan) claimed they hailed from "Venus." These Venusians or Inner Earth people were humanoid in appearance, and were photographed at Gray Barker's UFO convention at Howard Menger's farm in 1958.

Thor convinced President Eisenhower to create a council against the use of nuclear weapons. However, the committee was repeatedly blocked by members of the CIA and DOD. Thor decided to switch gears, and to enlist the help of Barker in making "contacts" with humans in all spheres of life. By building relationships with certain influential people, and promoting those relationships through Barker and other publishers, Thor was finally able to put a stop to wanton nuclear testing.

Valiant Thor wrote a series of books available on Amazon. The course is based on some the books sold under this name.)


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